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At the 1881 Canadian census, John Carey and his wife Mary resided "Quebec, Megantic, Halifax South, Dist 50, Sub-Dist B, Div 2". He was born in Ireland about 1830-31; she was born Canada about 1833-34, but her ethnicity was noted as Irish. They had 11 children living at home at the 1881 census, all born Canada, the eldest born about 1855-56. From this can be deduced that John Carey emigrated from Ireland to Canada prior to 1855, and perhaps Mary's parents were Irish immigrants as well.

Also living with the family at 1881 was James Powell, age 50, Irish, born Quebec. Perhaps the brother of James Carey's wife Mary?

Family history has it that the family resided "Three Rivers" [Trois Rivieres], Quebec, and I believe the 1901 Canada census shows one or more Carey families in that city.

John Carey's 5th child, James, appears to have been the first of perhaps 3-4 of the Carey children who emigrated to the U.S. He married and had 2 children born in Canada [1885 and 1887]. He ended up in Lincoln, Grafton County, New Hampshire, where his occupation per the federal censuses was foreman in a mill yard; night watchman; and for many years, policeman.

His daughter Mary married Joseph McCaffrey, another Canadian/Irish immigrant; they remained in Lincoln, NH and, after his wife died, James Carey evidently moved in with them.

His son George moved eventually to Massachusetts where he probably married, and thereafter worked and raised a family. George was my son's paternal great-grandfather.


Evelyn Yvonne Theriault said...

Hello K.,
I believe that I may have found your couple for you.

John Carey,
son of John Carey and Barbara Gilboy
Mary Powell,daughter of Georges Powell and Margaret Murray

February 10th, 1855
Parish: St-Ferdinand
Bernierville, Megantic, Quebec

Source: Centre de genealogie francophone d'Amerique

Katherine said...

Hi--James Carey is my great, great grandfather. I'd be very curious to share notes with you. His grandson George was my grandfather's brother. Send me an

Ann said...

Kim, I haven't gotten back to you because of computer problems. A virus wiped out my entire one-yr old computer. I am trying to recover data because I was stupid and didn't back up everything!

Yes, Evelyn's couple is the correct one for our family.

Katherine, Your dad must be my first cousin. I have a lot for you. I'd love to know what you have collected. you can contact me at

Helena said...

My father worked summers in the paper mill in Lincoln. He was very close to the folks up there. James and Elmira as well as my grandparents, George and Grace are buried in St. Lamberts cemetery in Laconia.

K. Danielsen said...

Helena, how nice to hear from you. I have been in touch with Tom Byrne but it's been quite awhile since I heard from him. I'd enjoy hearing from you via email directly - my email address is

Christina said...

This is very interesting. George Carey was my Dad Owen Carey's father so that makes James my Great Grandfather. I have often heard stories that my grandfather ( George) told my Dad but not much about the family history.
I am interested in our family lines in Canada and Ireland. Do you have any information on this?

K. Danielsen said...

Christina, I will get back to you on this when I have a little more time. Pls. feel free to email me directly at

Nice to hear from you!