Thursday, May 27, 2010

Sheridan Family Deaths Mystery

According to information received recently, the Sheridans are a related branch of the Carey family.  It appears that John Patrick Carey who married [first] Barbara Gilboy [probably in Ireland] was an immigrant to and progenitor of the family in Canada.  A Mary Carey, whom I believe to be an older sister of John's, married Edward James Sheridan in Ireland, had 8 children and also emigrated with her family to Canada.

In October 1863, three of Mary's grandchildren by her son James Sheridan, along with an adult Thomas Sheridan age 57 [probably another of Mary's sons and uncle of the deceased children], died from what the record stated was not natural causes, as verified by a jury.  The parish records did not state any other details on the deaths.  I would think that such an accident or traumatic event would have been reported in a local newspaper - but have no idea how to locate same.  I've posted a query on one of the message boards, and hope to hear some suggestions. 


chandra said...

There are many mystery things which have no answers till now. the same happened to Sheridan. your passion to write these stories is awesome and expecting many more from you!

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K. Danielsen said...

Thanks Chandra. :-))

Owen Carey said...

I would be glad to give you any info I have on the family. My name is Owen Carey, and am one of the sons of George W. Carey, who was the son of James Carey, 1st Police Chief of Lincoln, NH.