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I am currently seeking advice about seemingly conflicting information on James Carey.

The Carey family I found in the 1881 Quebec census was the only one with a son James that fit his age, name, place of birth and location.  I found James in the U.S. federal censuses from 1900 on forward.  His immigration dates per the censuses varied from 1887 to 1890.   The only slightly odd thing was one census showing he'd immigrated 1887 while his daughter immigrated 1888.

A very nice woman with a Quebec genealogy website located the marriage of James' parents, John Carey and Mary Powell.  The surname Powell fit as a James Powell lived with the family at the 1881 census.

I then located a marriage record for James and his wife Eliner Rheaume - which also named their parents.  James' parents were John Carey and Mary Ann Powell.

Then I started looking for the family in other censuses.  And found the 1891 census listed James twice - in Quebec.  Once in his own household with Eliner and their 2 children.  And once in his parents' home, without Eliner and the children, marital status "married".

So how could James be in the U.S. by 1890, and in Quebec in 1891?

I've done a little reading online about Quebec emigration to New Hampshire.  Turns out, similar to my Norwegian ancestors, French Canadians might emigrate to the U.S. to make some money and return home - or at least visit a time or two.  Could James have been visiting in 1891?  Or, are the federal censuses [all 3 or 4 of them] entirely wrong about his having immigrated by 1890?

Offhand, I don't know a way to check immigration records between the U.S. and Canada.  I also wondered about James Carey's naturalization records, which might provide an immigration date, but I don't even know if he moved from Quebec directly to New Hampshire, or if he perhaps lived in Maine or Vermont first and was naturalized in one of those states.  



Ann said...

The Lincoln, NH Bicentenial Book (1964) says that James Carey brought his family to Granby soon after Mary was born, then Laconia, NH and finally Lincoln. Ed Carey, James' brother, was also a police officer in Lincoln. I'm not sure if that is helpful.

K. Danielsen said...

Ann, that was a big help, thank you very much! Could you possibly scan and email that page to me? Send to

Really appreciate your help. :-)


K. Danielsen said...

Additionally, which Granby? There is a Granby in Quebec, in CT, and in Vermont...?


Ann said...

I will scan soon. I don't know which Granby. Do you have all the info on Elmire Rheaume? I have a lot on her.

K. Danielsen said...

Ann, thank you so much!

I have only basic info on Elmire from a census entry in Canada. I would love to have any info you have available. I do have info to share on descendants of James Carey if that interests you.

Ann said...

There are a lot of Careys from George! Sure, I'd like that. I have all Mary Jane's descendants.

K. Danielsen said...

Ann, do you descend from Mary [Carey] McCaffrey? Have you researched her husband Joseph's parents?

re: Edward [Edouard] Carey, I only found an Edward Carey in the 1900 census in Laconia, working as a molder, wife Bell or F. Belle, sons Stephen & Justin. She was still in Laconia in 1910, but Edward was not listed in the household. Do you have any info on Edward? Or on any other Carey siblings who emigrated from Canada? There were certainly some Carey's in the New England area at around the same time.

I did find James Carey listed on a NH police dpet website, saying he was Lincoln's 1st police chief, serving from I think 1930-1934. He had to be in his 60's! My son's father [gggrandson of James] says a building was named after James - the Post Ofc or the Library, something like that.

How do you want to share info on the Careys? It's a bit much for the blog. I could probably print a report from PAF, and scan/email it to you.


Katherine said...

Hi--I just left a note on an earlier post. James Carey is my great, great grandfather. His grandson George was my grandfather's brother.
I would love to share notes with you. Please email me at

Helena said...

George Carey was my grandfather. He had 8 sons and 1 daughter. James, Philip, Paul (my father), Joseph, George and Gertrude (Trudy) were born to George and Grace (Wallace). Dennis, Owen and Edward were born to George and Madlyn (Lyons). Trudy's grandson, Tom Byrne, has done a great deal of geneology as well. I have a lot of info I would have to look up but I do know that the Edward you mention lived in Maine.

oneeyedizzy said...

Hi my Dad is Owen Carey and i have been trying to locate family history for a while thaanks

K. Danielsen said...

Hi - you haven't told me your name! Am happy to hear from other family members. I've been quite busy this past week or so, will get back to you as soon as I can about what info I may have on your family. Feel free to email me directly at



Anonymous said...

I'm a Carey from the line in Nova Scotia, i i would like to develope more info on John Carey and his family in Quebec and Halifax. my email is

Owen Carey said...

Thanks for all the work on our family line. I am Owen Carey, one of George Carey's son's, born in St. Louis, MO and am presently living in Manchester, NH.

K. Danielsen said...

Hi Owen! I remember hearing a little about you from your nephew Phil Carey [my son's father]. It's been fun learning about the family, from old Quebec church records on down to US genealogy records. Next on my list I think is to research some of the sisters of James Carey [the immigrant ancestor]. Surely there must be some Careys left in Quebec....!
My direct email in case you wish to correspond is rmagickd @

...Kim Danielsen